Discover more about George & Hana Brady as they experienced the Holocaust years and the Japanese educator Fumiko Ishioka who brought their story to light through Hana's suitcase.

Jasmine Taylor

In 1941,

the Brady siblings; Hana and George buried a bottle - writing their frustrations and fears out, along with their hopes and dreams. They intended to collect the bottle together after the war. Maybe you can imagine what they wrote about or are curious to learn more...

We’ve been honoured to share George and Hana’s story as well as Fumiko Ishioka’s journey with the Small Wings group since August 2000. Having spent the last 20 years of his life almost exclusively speaking about his sister, George was thrilled to help grant Hana’s wish to be a teacher. The Brady family carries on with the work - we have been delighted to hear from families and classrooms around the world - especially touched to make connections in these turbulent times.

We invite you to learn more about Hana and George's stories and invite you to return as we update our site and introduce you to our extensive archive of Brady family documents, letters and photographs going back to the 1800s and right through to George's life in Canada. The collection also features rare documents and letters from the war years and you’ll be able to explore some of the lesser known aspects of George's life - his own time in the ghetto Terezin and his involvement with the underground magazine Vedem.

It's been an incredible honour to have people share their own experiences in response to Hana and George's story. Time and again, it's clear that kids' everyday experiences and stories matter deeply across all lines.

We're living in turbulent times - we hope Hana, George and Fumiko's stories have brought you hope and piqued your interest in history and the power of sharing our stories and look forward to sharing new chapters as we roll out our new site.  Best wishes from our hearts to yours.

Lara Hana Brady

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“After everything I went through in my life, I swore that I would never turn my back on people. I’ve realized from personal experience, the worst is when injustice takes place, and the silent majority is the only one accounted for.”
~ George Brady

“After everything I went through in my life, I swore that I would never turn my back on people. I’ve realized from personal experience, the worst is when injustice takes place, and the silent majority is the only one accounted for.”

George brady

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Our family lived in the small town of Nove Mesto na Morave in Czechoslovakia. George’s mother Marketa was a cheerful woman with a winning personality. Constantly making people laugh, she was a good friend to many people and that included writers and poets. George’s father Karel was very involved with local town life – playing soccer and eventually becoming team captain; as well as acting as a volunteer fireman, the announcer and executive of the sports club, an amateur actor and a supporter of art made by relatively unknown artists.


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George, Fumiko and Lara have been honoured to share our story with countless people around the world over the last 20 years and we continue to do so in George and Hana's memory. You can write to us just as Fumiko did so many years ago at the same address or contact us by email.


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