Welcome Page

Welcome to our family site –
We’ve been planning a new rollout for 2019 but that is on hold as we mourn the loss of George Brady.
Our beloved father was many things to many people around the world; friend, hero and icon. We want to take a moment to thank the tens of thousands of kids (and adults!) who have written to us over the years and supported our work. As the only survivor of his immediate family, George knew he needed to rebuild and eventually made his way to Canada. Three years later, he and another survivor – Joe Seidner – founded Brady & Seidner Plumbing. George grew his family to include 3 sons (Douglas, Paul and David) and a daughter  (Lara Hana) and many badly trained but much loved dogs! His awards are numerous but his real pride was in his family and the impact that Fumiko and Hana continue to have on children around the world.  


We hope to continue Hana and George’s work for many years to come.  

“After everything I went through in my life, I swore that I would never turn my back on my people. I’ve realized from personal experience, the worst is when injustice takes place, and the silent majority is the only one accounted for.”
– George Brady

In George’s honour, we invite you to help others and never turn your back on someone in need. When we learn about the consequences of hatred and intolerance, we can create true change. 

Best wishes from our hearts to you.

Lara Hana Brady