Marketa Brady


Born on December 22nd, 1907, Marketa had two twin sisters (Mana & Ella) and a brother. Known as Greta by her family and friends, Marketa got married in 1927 at the age of 19 and worked side by side with Karel at the store. She was very well known for her great laugh and always had time for a chat. A very warm and loving woman, she was a dedicated mother and spent all her free time with George and Hana.

In the spring of 1941, disaster struck. Marketa was arrested by the Gestapo (Hitler’s secret police) and transported to Ravensbrück (a women’s concentration camp). She was sent as a result of illegally sending money to her brother who had escaped. Her name was found on a list of those who had sent money to escaped family members.
From Ravensbruck, Marketa sent very few letters. One included a very previous birthday gift for her daughter Hana.
In October of 1942, Marketa is sent from Ravensbruck to Auschwitz and is murdered there on October 29th, 1942.

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